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Let’s talk about HONOR

Let’s talk about Honor, not this website or this studio, but the word. The dictionary acknowledges the word Honor as being usable as a noun or a verb, though with differing, yet complimentary, definitions.
“High respect; great esteem.”
This definition is listed first, but it’s not what springs to mind to me. It’s the secondary definition for a noun that rings in my ears…
“Adherence to what is right.”

You see, truly high respect and undeniably great esteem does not come until one adheres to what is right & just. And adherence is another word of importance. It means sticking to something, holding to it, being inseparable from something. And that something? Well, it’s what is right. And though we may believe we know what is right, that is found not in our beliefs but in God’s word. And that sticking part, well, that leads right into the actionable portion of the word – Honor

The verb version of Honor’s definition also has two definitions – 

“To regard with great respect.” 

This is what we’re attempting to do with the talents handed us – to respect them and offer them for a greater cause than our own vanity. And in respecting those talents, we believe we will accomplish the final listed definition for the word – 

“To fulfill an obligation.”

Fifteen years ago, an obligation was given us. We completed one part of that obligation, War in Paradise #0, and God used it to do many mighty things, not only at Comicons for comic fans, but reaching children and teens at risk in juvenile prison and group homes. It did a job, but that job was not finished.
Until now.

We will honor that obligation.We will honor the talents given us.We will honor the One who gave us more abundant life.
And we hope you will honor us with your presence by walking alongside.

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